Spirit of 77 Update – 09.10.14.

By Posted in - update on September 10th, 2014

Our Kickstarter has been live for a week, and it’s been quite a wild ride already! We managed to meet our original goal of $7,777 in nine hours. Wow, you guys are amazing! And since then, it’s been continuing at a steady pace. In one week.

We’ve been trying to keep up with our thank you’s, stretch goals, correspondence and occasionally a bit of sleep here and there. If you haven’t seen the Kickstarter video’s blooper reel yet, it’s definitely worth a look. As we’ve hinted, there is a second half to the video which we’re keeping in the ready. (And it’s just as funny as our Thank You video, which we hope you liked.)  The reviews have been good, people have been signing up to our FB page and overall the response has been extremely positive! We still have three weeks to go, but if this continues, it’s going to be a very satisfying ending to our campaign! Thank you for helping making this possible.

Keep on Truckin’!

~Bob and Dave,

The Spirit of 77 Guys

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