MechaCon – Bringing the Funk to Beautiful New Orleans with Spirit of 77!.

By Posted in - conventions on July 26th, 2015

OSun77game5ur buddies at MechaCon reached out to us when we were launching the initial books and said, “Can ya send us a little sumthin-sumthin special?” So we wrote a one-shot adventure to debut at their convention, “The Wrath of Cons”. They ran three Spirit of 77 games (“Cruise Ship of the Damned”, “Jukebox Villains” and “Wrath of Cons”) and introduced Spirit of 77 to a brand new group of folks in beautiful New Orleans.

Per the house DJ, “Howlin Jack Wolf” (aka the lovely and talented John Stuart Keller), everyone had a hell of a good time –




“My favorite part of running these adventures was not the fantastic flashbacks and “damned Commie sons-o’-Sun77game6bitches” theories of Sgt. Winters, nor the zombies groaning along to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  Actually, it was the fact that two of the players at the table of the first session were first time gamers!  Seriously!  Not so much as a THAC0 between them (that’s how old I am.)  Not only did they get heavily involved, they were greatly impressed.  How impressed?  One of them had purchased a one-day pass to MechaCon for Friday.  She stated that, if there were any more games like this to be played, she would have to spring for the next two days as well, even though she wasn’t planning to.”

That’s amazing to hear! We’re glad we were able to provide something special for the MechaCon folks, and we’ll do what we can to see what can be arranged for next year’s convention. In the meantime, if you’re part of a convention committee and would like to run a special game adventure for your event, let us know! We can’t promise we’ll be able to accommodate every request, but we’ll definitely do what we can to make your convention just little funkier. Thanks again and keep on truckin’!






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