You Got A Date Friday Night….

By Posted in - Dave babble & Friday Night Games & update on February 12th, 2017

If you’re like us, Friday is usually spent trying to unwind from a long work week – usually with a beer, nachos and occasionally a game. But the problem we’ve noticed is that getting everyone together for a Friday night game can be really tricky, mostly because people’s schedules are crazy, and it’s hard to commit to every Friday night being available for a recurring chronicle. (The significant other really doesn’t find such a request appealing, might I add.) Even more importantly, after a hellacious week you’re not necessarily in the mindset to do something that requires a lot of thinking, role-playing, you name it. You want something fast, fun that pair well with a couple of cold ones.

So we’re making that. Introducing Friday Night Games – these games are meant to be easy to pick up, have some fun and not worrying about the big chronicle stuff. They’re also intended for another goal – bringing new people into the genre. C’mon, you try and explain to your visiting cousin the rules and mechanics of Runequest in their first sitdown (a fine game, mind you), and you know their eyes are going to roll into the back of their skull. So these games are intended to provide a few laughs and let them see why we love this pastime.

This is an initiative for 2017, and the first is coming soon – it’s actually one of the stretch goals for Bedlam Hall. We’ll tell you a little more about it later, but for now it’s enough to say the title and concept – Gruel Truck – the Game of Middle-Earth Food Trucks.  Stay tuned.

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