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By Posted in - mailbag & Spirit of 77 on June 4th, 2016

“Hey Monkeys!

My wife joined us in playing Spirit of 77 , and I couldn’t be prouder of the name she chose for her character, a Vigilante from Humble Beginnings looking for Justice: Harvest Gould.

I blogged about Harvey here, and included some pics of the original Kohler flyers for that most date-specific of yellows which inspired her name, and which I thought you might appreciate.
Three of us also had a great time at “The Nice Guys” last week, and in addition to appreciating all the great period references, the writer’s name of Anthony Bagarozzi was close enough to Joey Bag O’Donuts was enough to get us laughing before the story even got under way. I’m sure you’re busy, but a blog post mining some of the character and story potential from the movie for So77 purposes could be some great content for you.
Stephen Fitzpatrick
Confessions of a Middle-Aged Adolescent
Thanks for the mail, Stephen! You have no idea how many people tell us “The Nice Guys” is a visual representation of a typical Spirit of 77 misadventure. Harvest Gould is a great character name, and a great callback to a sadly forgotten color from the Crayola crayon box (along with burnt ember and maize). Keep on truckin’!

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