What is Wide World of 77.

Wide World of 77 is the companion book to Spirit of 77, including new Roles, Stories and three high octane adventures.


  • Rules for bringing your play to the Racetrack, the Derbyball arena and to the Fighting Rings of 1977
  • New Roles
    • The Gonzo Journalist
    • The Stuntman
    • The Bounty Hunter
    • The Greasemonkey
    • The Specialist
  • New Stories
    • The Holy Roller
    • The Nature Boy
    • The Visitor
  • New Specialty Roles like the King of the Ring and the Secret Agent
  • New Rules and campaign info for Races, Fights and Derbyball
  • New Adventures – “The Kaboom! Show“, “Diamonds are Whenever” and “Jurassic Parking Lot“. 



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