Spirit of 77 Update – 5.31.15.

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Our thanks to Megan Turner for sharing a photo of her One Bad Mother reward kit!

We don’t know what your May looked like, but ourselves involved a lot of packing materials and visits to the Post Office. Both the core Spirit of 77 book and Wide World of 77 are now available via DriveThruRPG in both PDF and physical print format. In addition to that, we managed to mail out everyone of our initial Kickstarter Backer rewards and have sent off our two Double Feature packs to our World’s Most Dangerous Editor. Throw in a few games held at this year’s Strategicon:Gamex and you can see that we definitely earned a cookie. And a steak. And maybe a… well you get the idea.

So now what? Plenty.

If you haven’t received the link to your PDF downloads, don’t worry. Just send us a message via Kickstarter and we will re-send you the links. If you haven’t received your physical copies, don’t worry about that either. All backer copy orders have been placed and are being processed as quickly as possible. We’re utterly amazed at how international mailing works, and have learned more about postal rates than you will ever know in your lifetime.  All the same, they are on the way. Meanwhile, our Double Feature PDF’s will be available very soon. Well before the end of June, depending on how much sleep we sneak in.

One of many, *many* trips to Post Office to deliver OBM reward kits.

One of many, *many* trips to Post Office to deliver OBM reward kits.

After that, there are plenty of new Double Features that are being worked on as we speak that will include brand new adventures. Each Double Feature includes two Spirit of 77 adventures as well as a brand new Role or Story. If you have already backed Spirit of 77 as One Bad Mother, you will be getting links to the first two Double Features as soon as they appear on DrivethruRPG. These include:

  • Women’s Prison of the Apes
  • Disco Ambulance
  • BEAST: Bound and Down
  • Jukebox Villains

This is in addition to starting work on the next book in the Spirit of 77 line, and some other surprises as well. We are absolutely delighted in the response we’ve been getting, by the way. You guys are faboo.

So more later, and for those of you new to Spirit of 77 we’re going to be reprising some of our introductions to our Roles and Stories as well as introducing the newest additions included in Wide World of 77. Stay tuned!

Thanks and keep on truckin’!

~The Spirit of 77 Guys

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