Spirit of ’77 Update – 2.17.14.

By Posted in - update on February 17th, 2014

Hi guys, just a quick update – Right now we’re working on refining some of the rules for the next round of playtesting. As you know we’ve been running a semi-regular meetup at Game Empire in Pasadena (a great store if you’ve never been there.) The next in-person game session will be in March, testing out some of the rule changes we’ve recently made. The scenario is entitled “BEAST: Bound and Down”.

We’ll also be doing an online game session (tentatively slated as “Jukebox Villains”) with the new rule-set edition, and we’ll give you more details on that as we get it ready. Thanks again for your support in this, and feel free to shoot your questions/comments.

~Bob and Dave,
the Spirit of ’77 guys

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