Spirit of 77 Update – 08.17.14.

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What_Does_John_Shaft_Look_Like copy Wow, is it August already? Seems like we were just talking about the new year only a few months ago. Lots of stuff on the horizon – our Kickstarter campaign, Strategicon’s Gateway 2014 over Labor Day weekend and more.  Trust us, you’re going to dig what we got going on. First let’s talk about Kickstarter…

First of all we’re getting very close to the start of our Kickstarter campaign on September 2nd. Last week, we completed filming on our KS video which we’re convinced you’re going to like, although it was a hell of a lot of work to do. We wanted to do something goes beyond the simple “talking head”, and we were very lucky enough to enlist the help of expert videographer Matt Collins who helped turn our little idea in a movie. Of course, were the boneheads who had the right idea to shoot the video while wearing black wool suits in August, out in one of the hottest areas surrounding Los Angeles. The video shoot, now dubbed “AugustBlackWool 2014″ managed to capture what we wanted people to know about Spirit of 77 – a little retro, a little dangerous and a lot of fun all around. In addition to Matt Collins, we had excellent help from Matt Allen, Jon Ruppert, Chris and Claudia Dievendorf (who also graciously let us film in their home) and of course Jadine there to provide the official “adult supervision.” I don’t care what anyone says, acting in a film is a lot harder work than you would imagine. Luckily, everyone managed to make the two of us look like bad-asses in the midst of slowly sweating our precious bodily fluids away.

Also, this is all in preparation of our Kickstarter campaign which kicks off in September. As part of that kick-off, we will be hosting *three* adventures of Spirit of 77 at Strategicon-Gateway this Labor Day weekend. First is an encore performance of Cruise Ship of the Damned, then the over-the-top Women’s Prison of the Apes and then finally what we’re calling a “Seeeekrit Adventure”. That’s right, the players will not know the game premise until it actually starts. This will be a great opportunity to try out Spirit of 77 if you still have yet to partake in the funkiness, and Strategicon is a great convention to attend here in Los Angeles. For more information about Gateway go to www.strategicon.net.

Speaking of Cruise Ship of the Damned, we’re really excited by the reactions we’ve been getting from the adventure – The good folks at Monkey in the Cage took it for a spin and had a blast, recording their gameplay live for listen. (It’s almost as fun as playing the game itself.) We also had a great review from Geek Native and everyone who’s played it has loved both So77 and the adventure. That’s really encouraging guys, and hope you like the surprises we have coming soon.

If you’re following us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably also seen our new artwork for the core rules book. Pretty sweet, eh? Spirit-of-77-el-fantasmo-DEFINITIVE-FINALThe good people at Conceptopolis did an excellent job on every piece of artwork they provided and if we really get lucky with our campaign, we will be talking about adding more of their work. As you can see on the right here, our resident Tough Guy and City bank president, El Fantasmo, is about to engage in a round of fisticuffs with Bigfoot. Good stuff that, you can find more at www.spiritof77game.com.

So stay tuned for the announcement when the KS campaign starts, and you’ll be able to see the first half of the promotional video. (Yeah, it’s a two-parter. We spent a LOT of time in those black suits.) As always, thank you so much for helping us make Spirit of 77 a reality. You guys are rockstars to the nth degree.

Keep on Truckin’,

~Bob and Dave,

The Spirit of 77 Guys


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