Spirit of 77 Update – 07.11.14.

By Posted in - update on July 11th, 2014

bay area  Happy National Slurpee Day! Oh we got a LOT to tell you about. First of all we’re very happy about the positive response we’ve been getting from Cruise Ship of the Damned. Reddit loved the download, the good folks at Strategicon had a blast and we even took the game up to EndGame in Oakland for a special game.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a peek at our other website – www.spiritof77game.com. (And best yet, this trial adventure is absolutely free!) That’s good stuff!

In addition to our own demo sessions,  the Monkey in The Cage rpg podcast gave Cruise Ship a try and they were great sports about it. Never played Apocalypse World before? NO PROBLEM! Our apocalypse scenario involves big explosions, fried chicken stands and cool cars baby! They had a great time and we’re glad to consider them new friends.

Recently we also managed to run the first playtest of our newest adventure Women’s Prison of the Apes at our favorite gaming outlet, GameEmpire in Pasadena. In addition to several of our favorite playtest crew, we also graced with Caoimhe Snow, creator of the Queen’s Cavaliers RPG. Caoimhe also gave us some good tips on a successful Kickstarter campaign that we appreciated immensely. If you’re into classical, swashbuckling adventure, check out The Queen’s Cavaliers – buckle some swash, it’s good for ya. As for the Women’s Prison of the Apes game, let’s just say not every game ends with security gorillas all disco-dancprison2ing as an AI-powered semi blasts through a prison gate. Have we mentioned how much we love our players? They really are as crazy as we are.

We’re working hard now to get ready for our Kickstarter campaign which is currently targeted for the month of September 2014. This involves our secret Kickstarter movie project that will either knock your socks off or end in tears and flames. But that’s how Spirit of 77 works, isn’t it? Go big or go home and you earn XP if you fail, anyway.

So stay tuned, we got a LOT coming out really soon. Sign up for our Facebook page or at the Spirit of 77 website for mailing list updates (Don’t worry, we’ll try not to spam you.) You guys make this a blast.

Keep on Truckin’,

~The Spirit of 77 Guys

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