Spirit of 77 and Gaming for a Cure.

By Posted in - update on June 23rd, 2015

Gaming for Cure 3Spirit of 77 is proud to have contributed to Gaming for a Cure – a non-profit group that sponsors local gaming tournaments in Northern Michigan. Our buddy Jodie Brandt told us about the game – a cutthroat, Casino Royale style poker match and a band of Japanese Yakuza thugs determined to use business fronts in New York as outlets for their hallucinagenic drug called Disco Trippin’. The event exploded into a slam-bang street battle between our “Heroes” and the Yakuza villains (as you can see with the diorama table spread out, minus the later explosions of course.) FromGaming for a Cure 2 what we understand, they had a lot of fun and concluded the day with an auction of a Spirit of 77 gift pack sent from us. We’re glad we help the event, which was originally created in honor of one of their gaming friends who passed away to cancer, and the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.

We’re glad we could help and encourage all of the Spirit of 77 Army to take a moment and donate even a couple of bucks to the ACS.


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