Psst, Wanna Know a Secret? – The Real Bands Revealed!.

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In the core rules of Spirit of 77, each Role features specialized artwork and usually a gimmick page that references the Role preceding it (for instance, the sweet fight poster between El Fantasmo and Bigfoot in honor of the Tough Guy role.) On page 91, you can see the “Buy Ten 8-Tracks for $1” ad that started everyone’s recollection back in the day. Come to think of it, we may still owe them money. However, in honor of the upcoming Double Feature #3, we thought you’d find it amusing to know just who we were referencing in that original list.

  1. Starveya – The Color Out of Space – Starveya is of course our Ziggy Stardust who is rumored to come from outer space for real. The Color Out of Space is also a story by H.P. Lovecraft which we thought Starveya would definitely reference.
  2. Johnny Valentine – Jadine and Other Hits – Johnny Valentine is one of the core characters used in references and examples throughout the book, so we figured he would have an album like Eric Clapton’s “Layla and Other Hits”. Jadine is of course the name of Johnny’s guitar, his signature instrument (and the name of Dave’s wife).
  3. Toothless White –  Wizard of Blues – Toothless White is another character from the references and examples in the book, based on a nickname Bob’s dad had for him, “Rufus Toothless”.
  4. Ringo Tragedy – Million Dollar Maniacs – Ringo Tragedy is our Alice Cooper (a former character Bob used to play in Vampire: The Masquerade, of all things), and of course this is a reference to Billion Dollar Babies.
  5. Tino and Rozz – Greatest Hits – Tino and Rozz are part of the cast of “Cruise Ship of the Damned”, and are our version of Sonny and Cher.
  6. Karma – Shamballa – Karma is our version of Earth, Wind and Fire. “Shamballa” seemed like an appropriate title for them. (They’re referenced in “Jukebox Villains”.)
  7. The Dirty Sleeves – Johnny and the Purple Ape – “The Dirty Sleeves” was a band Dave was in back in his college days and yes, one of their songs was “Johnny and the Purple Ape”.
  8. Monroe Doctrine – Surrealistic Window – This is our salute to Jefferson Airplane’s “Surrealistic Pillow”.
  9. Electric Mugwumps – Slight Burrito Taste – The Mugwumps are a pastiche of the Flying Burrito Brothers, or at least those weird, weird band names that were prevalent in 70’s acid rock. Hence the reference to the slight taste of it.
  10. Delightful Ones – Queens of Velvet – The Delightful Ones are part of the background cast of “Jukebox Villains”.
  11. Turtledove Singers – Official Soundtrack – Another part of the cast of the “Cruise Ship of the Damned” adventure, our version of the Partridge Family. Wait ’til you see what happened to them in the sequel. *shudder*
  12. Harlan Jenny – Live at the Zero Cafe West – This one artist came from our buddy Ziggy who coined “Harlan Jenny” as a tribute to Waylon Jennings during the playtesting of “Jukebox Villains”. Since the Zero Cafe is our version of the Fillmore in the City write-up, it was only right to have a Zero Cafe West.
  13. The Buzzards – El Dorado Cafe – The Buzzards are of course our version of the Eagles, and this would be “Hotel California” The guitarist for the Buzzards, Crazy Joe Ladd, is the focus of the upcoming adventure “Nine Lives in the Fast Lane” in Double Feature #3.
  14. Fata Morgana – Fashionably Late – Our tribute to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” with a slight wink to a friend of ours who’s character always is. (Late we mean. Well numb too.)
  15. Gemini – Live at Budokan – Another character from “Cruise Ship of the Damned”, featured in a live album not unlike Cheap Trick.
  16. Cashew Brothers Band – Friends and Neighbors – In honor of the Allmann Brothers, “Brothers and Sisters”.
  17. Grub Street – Airheart – A sly reference to Jethro Tull and “Aqualung”.
  18. Cadillac Grande – Taste – Our salute to Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk”.
  19. Knockwurst – Salvation on the Radio Dial – Who else could this be but Meatloaf and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”.
  20. The Rounds – Songs to Say I Love You – One of our favorite 70’s bands is the Spinners.
  21. Skeeter Jones – Tequila and Champagne – “Tequila and Champagne” is an unfinished song from one of Dave’s old bands. Maybe we’ll hear it someday.
  22. Tangier – Last of the Wild Bunch – We’ll hold onto this one for later, but it’s a reference to an adventure yet to be released.
  23. Maggie – New York Radio – Our tribute to Blondie and the New York punk scene.
  24. Bad Habit – Won’t You Want It – Another reference to Cheap Trick, this time as part of their big hit, “I Want You to Want Me”.
  25. The Bishops – Never You Mind, It’s… We had to include our own version of the Sex Pistols. Why are they called The Bishops? You really don’t need to know.
  26. Abbott Presley – Shooting Blind – Abbott Presley, Elvis Costello…. Look, they can’t all be zingers, people.
  27. Cowdery, Steve and Hunt – CSH – This is actually an homage to a friend of ours that passed away in the style of Crosby, Stills and Nash.
  28. Refrigerator – Sunlit Afterthought – Television and their album “Marquee Moon”.
  29. Walton James – Hello Wonderland – Elton John and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.
  30. Nile – Cold Reality – Following the river theme, this references Styx and “The Grand Illusion”.

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