Donuts and Dangerous Pursuits – Our First Playtest Results.

By Posted in - playtest on June 26th, 2013

Bacon donuts make everything better. Well we survived our first play-test and learned a lot of good feedback. In addition to the copious amounts of Dave’s Beer, one of our players provided homemade bacon donuts (As seen in this actual photo of said delectables) which only added to the overall delight of the first game.

Now granted we’re still keeping the actual game under wraps so we may be a little vague in our descriptions of what we learned. But a few things stand out worth mentioning that will be shaping our next play-test –

Cheat sheets – The fate of the world is powered by cheat sheets, and we obviously need to make more of them. Cheat sheets for the players, cheat sheets for the storyteller, cheat sheets for the guy down the street. Luckily Bob acted as “rule guy” while I acted as “drunken story guy” so we traded off fairly easily. Still, with a new system we need to create a one-sheet to get people moving and grooving a little faster.

Caution? Pshaw. – One of the more interesting pieces of feedback was the desire for us to push our more wackier design elements to the front of the picture. This will probably happen in our second game, but right now we’re still being a little more conservative to make sure the basic fundamentals work.

TIMING! – Timing and plot beats need to be a little more clearly defined – we were trying to allow a little more open-ended elements and not dictate too many items (known as “railroading”) but we were a little too lenient and will be expanding a little more on our prep time. Nothing too major that will fully dictate plot development, but enough to give more direction and allow the form to be better structured. Will detail that another time.

World-Building on the Fly – Thanks to one of our players deciding to throw in previous experiences in porn into his character background, you’ll be seeing more of that when it comes out in background game elements: Sgt. Thundercock in “Reporting for Booty!” movie posters will definitely be seen.

Next game is being planned for July with a new group of playtesters. It will be the same scenario run this past weekend, with edits from our lessons learned. Our first group of playtesters is also eager for the next game session, which will be a different scenario but may include the same characters. Still being decided.

Keep the faith, my fellow babies,


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