Brand New Stuff on DrivethruRPG.

By Posted in - update on November 27th, 2016

Hiya guys – 

So we’ve been busy and got a couple of things to tell you about:

  1. Masterpiece 77 is now live on DrivethruRPG! This Shakespeare-inspired adventure uses the Spirit of 77 system to let you play Falstaff, Lady Macbeth and a whole bunch other “survivors” of the Great Bard’s work, and lets you play your modern-day characters as well.
  2. We have also organized two new bundle deals on DriveThruRPG – 
    1. Adventure Six Pack – This combines all our Double Features into one handy bundle at a really good price!
    2. Monkeyfun Value Pack – This combines both Spirit of 77 core book with Wide World of 77

…aaaaand a few secret surprises are coming. Stay tuned!

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