Bedlam Hall: Kickstarter Follow-up.

By Posted in - Bedlam Hall & Dave babble & Gruel Truck on March 19th, 2017

…and it’s done. Bedlam Hall‘s Kickstarter campaign has managed to conclude at a total backer contribution of $23,182. Not only did we manage to reach all of our scheduled Pledge Levels, but we also received backers that wanted private game sessions, their name in the actual text and a brave amount of souls willing to partake in the Seance Package we’re planning for the Autumn. We even managed to get a final oomph in the last 48 hours that guaranteed the physical production of GRUEL TRUCK! which is highly exciting as well.

We’re still getting folks reaching out, disappointed they missed the final hours of the campaign to back the project. Never fear, though – we will be opening pre-orders through BackerKit along with the additional surveys and such. In case you were wondering where things were at:

  • Our interior artist Michael Tuck is continuing his work, he has provided initial mock-ups and is working through them.
  • From a writing standpoint, we’re going through the material again and adding certain things we think are still needed. One recent change was the inclusion of a kick-off Terrible Tale (our name for Bedlam Hall adventures), “The Terrible Birthday Party”.
  • When that’s completed, the draft will be going to the the World’s Most Dangerous Editor, Bryan Whitlock.
  • We are currently working designs with our (Not Cursed At All) Challenge Coin creator and waiting to see mock-ups.
  • We are also continuing the development and playtesting of GRUEL TRUCK!, which will be a dandy little game once its done, we think.


As we already noted in our normal mailing list correspondence, we are also working on the next Very Special Episode for Spirit of 77 – we’re finally getting around to releasing “Wrath of Cons”. Ron Joseph, our Spirit of 77 artist extraordinaire, is already working on interior artwork. We’re hoping that will be available by the end of the month, mid-April at the very least if we lose focus and get distracted with something shiny.

Stay tuned!

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